About Me


Katarzyna Zofia Chmielewska

I am Catrin Sofi and I am a photographer. I didn’t think I would ever say that while studying history of culture or working for an international corporation. I started photographing to express and accept my emotions. One day I decided to change my life and chose the way sharing with the world what I do the best and what brings me the deepest joy.

I was studying at Academy of Photography in Warsaw under the care of outstanding artists. The appreciation of world and people beauty affects to nature of my works. I concentrate on portrait, conceptual photography and photo-documentary, applying both analog and digital technology. In photography, just like in life, I mostly value authenticity and awareness.

I am yoga enthusiast and lover of healthy lifestyle, fascinated of human psyche, philosophy and the original secret of existence.

I want to cooperate with people who are looking for interesting interpretations of world and desire to present who they really are. Positive intention based on love and passion creates the unique picture. It brings out the inner, sometimes deeply hidden, authentic and natural beauty.